Cash house buyers Texas

If you need to sell your house fast – don’t wait around for a traditional estate agent. Agents pass the fees onto the seller and you’re at the mercy of their time-table. If your house isn’t a priority for them, or an easy sale it may take weeks, months, we’ve bought houses from people who’ve been listed with agents with no luck for over a year.

We can offer:

No Fees
Fair Values
Cash Offers!
Fast and Discreet
All types of properties in any condition

Cash house buyers Texas

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People need to sell quickly for a lot of reasons – upsizing, downsizing, chain breaking, facing repossession or arrears, divorce, probate problems. We can work with you no matter what your situation is to find a solution as quickly as possible.


At Sell my house fast Texas we’re happy to look at properties in all areas of Texas and in all types of conditions. Properties that require significant repairs and maintenance can be less appealing to owner occupiers, but investors are used to dealing with this type of property and are more likely to agree a reasonable price with you and complete a purchase quickly.


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