Questions To Ask A Plumber

The best time to choose a Plumber is before you need one. There are reliable plumbers and unreliable plumbers. Most area plumbers are ethical and will provide honest value. Others intend to extract as much money out of you pocket as they can. Don’t put yourself at risk. Know the right plumber to call when an emergency arises.


Test Response & Customer Service Attitude.

A good place to get a list of best plumber is a Plumber List at Home Improvement Center. You could deem this as cheating a little bit, but call a few of them and test how quickly they respond and how interested they are in solving your emergency problem as soon as possible. What is your perception of initial customer service attitude and efficiency.

Eliminate the ones you are not comfortable with and then ask key questions of those plumbers that impress you. Here’s some questions to ask that will help you decide which of these plumbers should be posted to your refrigerator door.

Questions To Ask Your Plumber.

  1. Are you licensed and qualified to do business?
  2. Are all of your plumbers properly licensed?
  3. Are you properly insured?
  4. Do you belong to a better business bureau?
  5. What is your normal response time to an emergency problem?
  6. Do you provide evening, weekend and holiday service?
  7. How do you charge for your services?
  8. Do you apply a trip charge and what is the hourly rate?
  9. Do you charge premium rates for overtime?
  10. Do you have a website? Good plumbers will have a website.
  11. Are your vehicles fully stocked with emergency repair items?
  12. What is your guarantee?

These are fair questions to ask of a plumber. Don’t over interrogate. Your goal is to identify reliable and trustworthy plumbers, not to alienate. Create a list of three plumbers that appear to be customer service oriented in a priority order, That way you have multiple solutions in an emergency.


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