Choosing the Right Kitchen Ventilation Hood

Kitchen hood absorbs the smoke, odors arising in the process of cooking. That the air in the kitchen was always clean and fresh, you need a good hood. Choosing the right kitchen hood.

Almost all kitchen hoods will be able to operate in two modes: recirculation and outflow. When working in the recycling air to the hood is cleaned by filters and then fed back into the room. Kitchen hood, which operates in the outflow, supplies air through pipes into the general ventilation system, and its place in the kitchen is fresh. This mode is preferred because the air quality in this case is much higher.


Major factors to consider when choosing kitchen hood
Flat hood – are mounted directly above the stove. Feature of these hoods is the presence of acrylic disposable filters. It is possible to replace the acrylic filters for coal.
Dome hood – mounted to the ceiling or wall. These hoods have a wide range. Consumers will be able to choose the hood to any room design.
Recessed hoods – mounted in cabinet above the stove. Equipped such hoods with metal filters and two motors.

Noise level
An important parameter when choosing kitchen hood is the noise level. When buying a hood, you should pay attention to the lower noise level, which corresponds to the work in first gear, because in this mode often works hood.

Cooker hood filters and their types and properties
Metal filter is the most popular filter whose purpose is to separate the fat from the absorbed vapors. The filter is made of materials resistant to oxidation and chemical reactions, which in turn increases its validity and allows its traditional way to clean running water or in the dishwasher. Metal filter does not require replacement.

Coal filter is a type of filter that absorbs smelling substance. In most cases, contains active charcoal. This filter is used for extraction in a closed system. This type of filter needs to be systematically replaced. The approximate life of a set of coal filters is 100 – 130 hours, which corresponds to the regular work of the hood over the 6 months to 1 year. Coal filters supplied some models of hoods, as well as the same may be purchased separately. The form and amount of carbon filters varies depending on kitchen hood model.

Hoods control system
Currently manufacturers are offering more modern control system hoods by sensors. But control system may be the following: push-button, slide, touch. Some models of the elite class are equipped with remote controls and timers.

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