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Hello friends. We are meeting after a long time. I have met you through the procedures to download the ogwhatsapp for your mobile phone. Now we are here to know about the gbwhatsapp apk download. This world is completely addicted to the cellphones or mobile phones. Even me too.

We need them because we use two sims for multi-purpose such as office and house use. GbWhatsapp Apk Now lets come to the important part of this post. We all have the whatsapp facility we use the whatsapp to message our friends. It’s a excellent messaging service that works awesome. Here comes the problem. We need to have more that one whatsapp for use them in the dual sim mobiles. Basically whatsapp allows only one sim to be used in one application. They do not allow logout and login facilities. So in order to use two whatsapp in the same mobile we need to install the gbwhatsapp.


Here we are providing you with the gbwhatsapp apk. Click on the download link to download. The features of the GBwhatsapp: The foremost feature of the gbwhatsapp is that it supports the whatsapp call feature. It supports all the privacy options. It displays the counter statistics for the preferred gropus. It helps us to hide media It has the ability to change icons and notifications. The below are newly added feature of GbWhatsapp:

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