Improve your writing

Finding a Suitable Host With WordPress being as popular as it is, numerous Web hosting companies offer a special WordPress hosting package which allows you to install the platform and required database by way of the one-click installation method. This is far simpler and quicker than manually installing WordPress, since it allows you to get started with publishing your first post right away. Alternatively, you can sign up with to create a free blog and improve your writing.


Improve your writing

However, using does not allow you to have your own domain, and its version of the platform is also much more limited with regards to plugins and themes. Introducing the WordPress Administrator Dashboard Once installed, you should be able to log into your WordPress administrator dashboard by navigating to or Create your administrator account and log in to the dashboard with your user name and password. The administrator dashboard allows you to customize and work with just about every aspect of your website, including on-page elements, visual styles, themes, plugins and more.

To insert an image, video or audio clip, click “Add Media”. If you don’t currently have any media uploaded, click “Upload Files”. Be aware that there will be a maximum upload file size which will be specified here. . To add HTML code, including embedded HTML code from things like Google Maps or Flickr, you can do so by clicking on the “Text” tab above the word processor. This will display the HTML code for your post.

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