Why You Should Write at Famous Bloggers

After launched Guest Posting Tips a few weeks ago, I contacted some bloggers including Hesham from Famous Bloggers in order to get some advices about this site. I have my own goals and motives in setting up Guest Posting Tips but I felt that seeking for advice is a nice way to improve and enhance the idea.

I got inspired by Hesham’s advice on “write for others then they’ll write for you” and decided to take a look at Famous Bloggers. I wrote for few blogs on various niches and topics but I never realize about this site. As a guest post lover I took the chance and submitted my first article at Famous Blogger entitled “5 Reasons Why I Have Started Guest Posting Tips Blog“. The article had been published on 8th June 2010.

At first I thought my article never been published (as it’s my first article at the site) but after it had been published I started to monitored the feedback and results.



I want to share with you some feedback and results from one of my article which had been published at Famous Bloggers. The results are based on the recorded stats and comments from the readers.

1. Site becomes visible

The most important thing for your site is – somebody must know about your site. There is no point of creating such a powerful site if nobody knows about it. I explained why I created GuestPostingTips and put link to it thus created a way to promote it. I guess nobody or at least only a small number of people know or realize about this site if I don’t mention about it at Famous Bloggers.

2. New friends & ideas

I received inspiring comments from the readers which includes complements and awesome ideas for my site. And it’s time to meet new friends! I love this feedback very much and I also received some messages which includes advices and extra ideas for my site. This is truly awesome!

3. A great exposure

The most awesome result is when I learned that writing at Famous Bloggers gives my site a great exposure. More people read about my site, more people give their comments and I also noticed that the article had been retweeted more than 20 times which I never received before that! More people talk about that means there is a great chance for your site to be exposed. Take a look at the screenshot of the statistics below and you’ll see the increasing visit numbers – a day after the article had been published at Famous Bloggers. Notice the ‘Referrer’ section – More info!

Wrap Up

Writing at Famous Bloggers is amazing and this is my real feedback from just one article! How about 2, 3, 5, 10 articles? I would like to put my effort in writing more quality articles before imagine that. Famous Bloggers never pay me for writing this and I never pay anything to write at Famous Bloggers but the results are totally awesome!


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